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Corporate Identity

         The Eastern Economic Corridor, or EEC, is a national project which will spark a desire for change and will bring many opportunities, and benefits for Thai people and the nation, both in terms of escaping the middle-income trap and propelling the nation into a promising and sustainable future.

     In creating a corporate identity, inspiration was drawn from the opportunities to be found in the special eastern economic zones as corridors of Bangkok. The EEC embodies a form of strategy which links geographic, economic and social strengths of Thailand with a greater presence in the regional and world stages. This furthermore reflects Thailand as a part of the Golden Ratio in adopting a symbol similar to a sailing ship with the orange and yellow hues of the morning sun; a metaphor reflecting the glory to be found in international trade on the navy-blue waters. This embodies the story of opportunities to be found in travelling to the light of the East, which knows no bounds, and are in line with the belief that,


“As long as the Sun still rises in the East, there will always be opportunities for Thai people.”

A Prime Gateway to Asia


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