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Public Private Partnerships

The State Enterprise Policy Office and related agencies have collectively developed rules, regulations, conditions and processes for public private partnerships or direct private investment, so as to better facilitate important investments in the EEC allowing for the uninhibited implementation of its projects, maintenance of processes and standards of transparency involving the dissemination of information and auditing of private sector investments as provided by the 2013 Act of Public Private Partnerships.  

In addition to this, measures have been implemented which expedite overall project approval processes by allowing them to occur in parallel, which reduces timelines to 8-10 months. When compared with previous circumstances, this process could require 40 or 20-month timelines for normal and fast track decision processes, respectively.  

These regulations are applicable to investment projects deemed highly important as determined by the EEC Policy Committee, which requires submission for consideration prior to approval. Currently 6 projects have received approval and include:  

  1. The U-Tapao Airport and the Eastern Aviation City  

  1. High-Speed Railway Connection to 3 major airports  

  1. Map Ta Phut Industrial Port Phase III 

  1. Laem Chabang Port Phase III 

  1. The U-Tapao Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Centre (MRO) 

  1. The Digital Industry and Innovation Promotion Zone  (Digital Park Thailand)