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Request Approval for Promotional Investment

Requesting Approval

               Promotional Investment Processes for the EEC: The Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) has announced certain measures for those interested in investing in the EEC region.

               The Eastern Economic Corridor Office of Thailand is charged with acting as the central agency for coordination, tracking progress, and facilitating investment and investors in targeted technologically advanced sectors. Under this initiative, large-scale cooperation from many agencies is required to drive investment projects in the EEC and enhance Thai industries in accordance with the objectives laid out by the EEC.


The EEC adopts the following criteria for selection of investors and businesses:

  1. Investors interested in conducting business in one of the targeted industries.
  2. Investors who have received principle approval for a project or have been promoted/supported by the Thailand Board of Investment.
  3. Are a part of a project which uses modern and advanced technology, which is capable of enhancing target industries within Thailand

Investors intend to forge a partnership with government agencies to promote the use of advanced technologies at an industrial level.


Promotional Investment Procedures

Investors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with details related to investment procedures at the website of the Thailand Board of Investment at the following link: