Vision and Mission

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Vision and Mission

“The completion of ready-to-implement regional development models helps to drive economic development and Thai society in accordance with the Thailand 4.0 policy and will result in Thailand quickly rising to the level of a developed country.”

  • Formulate EEC into a best-in-class area-based development that contemplates economic, social, and environmental advancement, supported by clear regulatory and governance structure, and serves as an example for Thailand’s future area-based development
  • Emphasise the need to accumulate and leverage collective new technologies to generate more income and promote better quality of life
  • Proactively ensure that the development advances with cohesiveness and timeliness through effective public-private cooperation at the national-, regional-, and provincial-level
  • Implement the overall development plan of Eastern Economic Corridor in accordance with the national agenda and aspirations
  • Develop an integrated infrastructure system that is efficient, reliable, and accessible to all
  • Determine the optimal use of land in accordance with the area’s potential and the sustainable development principles
  • Ensure that the new city/development is modernised, safe, and supportive of business activities according to the international standard