Investment Benefits on EEC

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Investment Benefits on EEC


Exemption from corporate income tax

Exemption from corporate income tax for up to 13 Years.

Exemption of import duties on machinery

Exemption of import duties tax on machinery, raw or essential materials that import for using in production and R&D.

Matching Grants for Investment

Get the Matching Grants for investment, R&D, Innovation development and human resources development in targeted industries.

Permission to own land

Permission to own land for BOI promoted projects.

Rights to state’s land

Have the rigths to make the state's land lease agreement for 50 years, and renewable upon approval for further 49 years.

The lowest personal income tax rate (17%) in ASEAN

For executives, specialists and reserchers who qualified by the Director-general of Revenue Department under the law which related to the nation's competitiveness enhancement in the promoted businesses or The Investment Promotion Act.

One-stop service centre

One-stop service centre to facilitate foreign investors which provide useful information and issue the permits for trading, export and import in one location.

Five-year work visa

Offer the attractive five-year work visa to investors, specialists and scientists.