Press Release - EEC-Alibaba Group join forces to promote Thai products

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Press Release - EEC-Alibaba Group join forces to promote Thai products

EEC-Alibaba Group join forces to promote Thai products, tourism and business operators in global market

Today, the Eastern Economic Corridor Office of Thailand (EECO) signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Alibaba Group, covering 4 areas of collaboration:

  1. The expansion of Thai agricultural and OTOP products export through Alibaba’s digital platform, starting with Thai rice and durian.
  2. The training of small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) entrepreneurs and Thai talents on E-commerce and digital business channel.
  3. The use of digital platform to systematically promote tourism especially among Chinese tourists, in secondary provinces and local communities, particularly by introducing Thai shops and restaurants information on digital platforms that Chinese tourists can easily access.
  4. The investment in Smart Digital Hub to boost regional and global trade through E-commerce.

“Such mutual collaboration will be beneficial to Thai farmers, SMEs, Domestic E-commerce (B2C) operators and startups who want to gain access to the global market.”, Mr. Kanit Sangsubhan, Secretary General of the EECO, said at today’s MOU signing ceremony, two of which were about the EEC, is a latest success of the government and related agencies.

The scope of cooperation of the two MOUs between the EEC and Alibaba Group include:

1. Strategic Cooperation Framework between Eastern Economic Corridor Office – Singapore E-Commerce Private Limited: This MOU covers the expansion of Thai exports of agricultural and other products to the global markets through Alibaba’s platform, while boosting the skill development for Thai entrepreneurs in E-commerce, as well as the promotion of tourism for the secondary provinces and local communities. Alibaba has also expressed its intention to invest in the Smart Digital Hub in EEC in this MOU.

2. EEC Smart Digital Hub between EECO - Thai Customs Department - Cainiao Smart Logistics Network Hong Kong Limited: Cainiao by Alibaba Group, will start to invest about 11 billion Baht this year in the development of the Smart Digital Hub. With Alibaba’s considerable expertise and experiences in international E-commerce management, working together on the project will help to advance Thailand’s logistics system and customs procedures, rules and regulations.  Alibaba through Cainiao will work closely with Thailand’s Customs Department to enhance customs regulation and procedure to efficiently support E-commerce in global market. The investment in the Smart Digital Hub is expected to bring substantial new opportunities to Thailand and will play a crucial role in promoting trade in the CLMVT markets.

In addition, Alibaba Group has signed another two MOUs. First is the SMEs and Digital Talents Development Cooperation between Department of Industrial Promotion of Thailand – Department of International Trade Promotion of Thailand – Alibaba Business School, which aims to educate Thai entrepreneurs, particularly farmers, SMEs and startups about new technologies and digital knowledge. Alibaba plans to develop training programmes for at least 30,000 people a year, helping Thais to gain a more competitive edge as the E-commerce tends to enjoy a more rapid growth in the near future.

Second is the Smart and Digital Tourism Cooperation between Tourism Authority of Thailand – Zhejiang Fliggy Network Technology Company Limited. This aims to promote Thailand tourism in secondary provinces by utilising Alibaba’s online platforms to run marketing activities such as reservations for rooms, tickets and vacation packages around the world, helping to draw more international visitors to the country.

“The collaboration with Alibaba Group will start a new chapter of digital trade in Thailand. as it is a significant transformation for Thailand’s business and trade procedures. The collaboration will be a great help to Thai SME entrepreneurs and farmers to increase their competitiveness in terms of new product development and access to the global market. Moreover, the transformation of digital trade and businesses will be an important step towards Thailand 4.0.  Note, however, that these MOUs do not preclude other similar business operators to enter Thai markets in the future,” Mr. Kanit concluded.