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The High Speed Train


The High-Speed Rail Linked 3 Airport Project

Project Description

     The High-Speed Rail Linked 3 Airport Project makes use of existing structures and routes as seen in the form of an airport rail link system. Expansions will see the implementation of standard gauge 1.435-meter tracks with 2 new connecting routes from the Phaya Thai – Don Muang route as well as the Lad Krabang – U-Tapao (Rayong) route offering ease of access to and from the airports. These expansions will largely make use of existing routes from the State Railway of Thailand and in total comprise 220 km. of seamless railway routes. Urban line within Bangkok will see slower speeds of 160 km/hr. (Don Muang Station to Suvarnabhumi Station) while intercity line will reach a maximum speed of 250 km/hr. (Suvarnabhumi Station to U-Tapao Station). This system comprises 9 high-speed stations, namely, Don Muang, Bang Sue, Makkasan, Suvarnabhumi, Chachoengsao, Chonburi, Sriracha, Pattaya, and U-Tapao.

     The project consists of the current Airport Rail Link route of 29 km. and the new constructed route of 191 km. The train will operate on the following types of tracks 1) the elevated track of 181 km., 2) the track of 2 km., and 3) the underground track of 8 km.

     The area development to support the railroad service in the Makkasan will be operated in connection with the development of The High-Speed Train Project, which links 3 major airports via seamless operation. The project includes the Makkasan area of 150 rai and the area around Sri Racha station of 25 rai.

Conecpt of The High Speed Rail Linked 3 Airports Project

1) Project Location

    The proposed route will offer connections to 5 provinces including Bangkok, Samut Prakan, Chachoengsao, Chonburi, and Rayong. The route will run along existing railways with new design at the outbound connection of Suvarnabhumi International Airport and inbound connection of U-Tapao Airport. The route consists of the following projects:

  1. Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link and City Air Terminal : ARL
  2. Airport Rail Link Extension (Don Muang – Bang Sue – Phayathai)
  3. High Speed Rail : Bangkok - Rayong

The route of High-Speed Train Project, which links 3 major airports via seamless operation, with the private investment

2) Existing Location

    The existing location which is in operation are as follows: Airport Rail Link (Phayathai – Suvarnabhumi), Three way railway (Hua Mak – Chacheongsao), Double Track Railway (Don Muang – Yommarat, and Chacheongsao – Laem Chabang) and Single Track Railway (Yommarat – Hua Mak and Laem Chabang – Mabtapud)

3) Project Objectives

  1. The project is initiated to be the primary infrastructure which will build up the transportation between the cities of the Eastern Economic Corridor Development and other related regions and provinces. The project should reduce the time and cost of transportation, when it is compared to other types of transportation.
  2. The project connects three airports of Bangkok and the Easter Economic Corridor provinces, namely, Don Muang International Airport, Suvarnabhumi International Airport, U-Tapao Airport, supporting fast and convenient transfer and travel to the cities and business areas.
  3. The project develops the Makkasan Airport Link of the State Railway of Thailand to be the hub of transportation between Bangkok, the EEC Gateway and Sri Racha high speed train area.
  4. The project promotes the public transportation, reduces private automobile use and reduces the pollution and car accident. The high speed train is environmentally friendly and high security.

4) Project Element

  1. Civil work includes the elevated tracks, underground tracks (tunnel), high speed railway stations and the maintenance and repair center.
  2. Electrical and mechanical systems includes the signal system, power and overhead power systems, communication system, automatic fare collection system, platform door system, train and carriage electrical system.
  3. Land development of Makkasan and Sri Racha area.
  4. Operation and maintenance

5) Project Investment Values for Public Private Partnership

1.Railway system for connection to Don Muang, Suvarnabhumi and U-Tapao Airports

Investment Value for High-Speed Railway Project

Million THB

Land acquisition


Construction cost for civil work and track works


Construction cost for Red Line Missing Link to construct the tunnel at Chitlada, Northern high speed train, Northeastern high speed train (Bangsue-Don Muang)


Mechanical and Electrical works


Rolling stocks


Consultant service for construction supervision and independent audit, ICE)




2.Property Development

Investment Value for Property Development

Million THB

Makkasan Airport Link area


Sri Racha high speed train area


Facilities & Utilities




3.Total construction cost

Total of Investment Value

Million THB

  1. Railway system for Don Muang, Suvarnabhumi and U-Tapao Airports


  1. Property Development


  1. Airport Rail Link operation right




6) Duration of Private Investment Partnerships (Construction and Maintenance)

    50 Years

7) Project Returns

    The benefits of this project

  1. All the property will be belong to the government once the contract ends.
  2. The employment in related business will be more than 100,000 positions in 5 years.
  3. The employment during the construction period will be 16,000 positions.
  4. The domestic construction material will be used. (steel : 1 million tons and cement : 8 million m3
  5. New technology is introduced.
  6. Economic Return : 652,152 TMB
  • Financial Return: 127,985 TMB (Present Value, Discount Rate 6.06% between 1 – 50 Years and Inflation 2.5% between 51 – 100 Years)
  • Value of economic development (for the area along the railway) : 214,621 TMB  (Present Value, Discount Rate 3%)
  • More taxation to the government : 30,905 TMB (Present Value, Economic Discount Rate 3%)
  • Value of Eastern airport city development : 150,000 TMB
  • Reduction of the gas, time, accident and environmental impact : 128,641 TMB (Present Value, Economic Discount Rate 3%)

8) Type of Private Investment Partnerships

    (1) PPP Net Cost 50 Year

    (2) Duties of the Government and the private organizations

9) Timeline ​ 

  1. Investors invitation                         May 2018
  2. Bidding preparation                        May – August 2018
  3. Bidding winner result                      October 2018
  4. Contract sign                                 In the year 2018
  5. Operation                                     2023