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Map Ta Phut Port

Map Ta Phut Industrial Port Phase III will see enhancements to existing infrastructure to better facilitate shipment of natural gas and raw fluid material for the petrochemical industry.  


Project Location 

Map Ta Phut Industrial Port is located in the Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate area in the Map Ta Phut subdistrict of the Muang Rayong district of Rayong. It occupies an area of 160 hectares (396 acres, 1,000 rai) which comprises 88 hectares (217 acres, 550 rai) of foreland, and 72 hectares (178 acres, 450 rai) of hinterland, with a total quay length of 2,229 meters.  


Project Status  

The Map Ta Phut Industrial Deep Seaport is a transportation port created in line with international standards. As of 2016, it saw the shipment of 43 million tons per year, with gas and oil transportation accounting for 57%, coal 18%, chemicals 16%, and other substances accounting for 9% of shipments. The total value of the goods which were transported to and from Map Ta Phut Industrial Seaport was 430 million THB.  


There are a total of 12 operators, and 32 berths with 9 dedicated terminal operators and 3 public terminal operators. Currently, the seaport is working at maximum capacity, thus requiring immediate expansions to allow for higher capacity of shipments.  


Project Objectives 

  • To increase the capacity of natural gas and raw fluid material shipments for the petrochemical industry. Upon completion, the seaport will be able to accept 19 million additional tons of cargo (petrochemicals and natural gas) within 20 years.  


Project Components  

Map Ta Phut Industrial Port Phase III comprises the following components: 

  • Land reclamation of 160 hectares (395 acres, 1000 rai) to facilitate the construction of new raw liquid material and natural gas terminals, as well as the development of industrial power sources.  

  • Channel deepening and ship reversing wake areas of 16-meter depth 

  • Public utility systems expansions 

  • Phase III of the implementation of ship traffic control systems  

The developments required to accept liquid materials, bulk cargo and containers can be divided into 6 categories: (1) 2 liquid cargo terminals occupying an area of 32 hectares (79 acres, 200 rai) and 814 meters in length (2) 2 gas terminals occupying 32 hectares (79 acres, 200 rai) and 1,415 meters in length (3) 1 service terminal (4) warehouses for and businesses related to natural gas occupying an area of 24 hectares (60 acres, 150 rai) (5) a settling pond of 72 hectares (178 acres, 450 rai) (6) 2 breakwaters with a total length of 1,627 meters.  


Project Investment Values for Public Private Partnerships 

Initial valuations for infrastructural implementation are placed at 10.154 billion THB. 


Duration of Private Investment Partnerships (Construction and Maintenance)  

Between 30 – 50 years, as determined by currently conducted review processes  


Project Return  

Currently under review 


Investment Model 

While details are currently under review, investment models will occur in the form of a public private partnership (PPP).