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One-stop services

Integrated Services

               So as to increase competitiveness in attracting investments in the EEC, the EEC Office of Thailand is currently reviewing methods for reducing procedural processing times of operations, approval, and endorsements. These faster processing times will ensure the EEC’s ability to keep pace with the ever-changing and fast-paced ways of business operations in the current day and age. These procedures will importantly maintain the principles of transparency, correctness of decisions, and comprehensive, complete approvals. The principles are applied in the duties and responsibilities of the EEC Office of Thailand as provided by legal provision which call for integrated services in 8 areas as follows:

  1. Land Excavation and Compaction Law
  2. Building Contract Law
  3. Machine Registration Law
  4. Public Health Law
  5. Immigration Law
  6. Commercial Registration Law
  7. Factory Law
  8. Land Allocation Law


The Eastern Economic Corridor Office of Thailand (EECO) made great efforts to plan with sufficient staff and management services to ensure its ability to cope with the volume of interested parties. Currently, the knowledge, ability and experience of other parties are currently being considered for the outsourcing of management of the Integrated Services Center, where employee sourcing, oversight, monitoring, and reporting of application of operators for promotional zones could be efficiently processed.

In addition to this, the Eastern Economic Corridor Office of Thailand has assigned the conduction of the Integrated Services Center to the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand, who provides efficient and convenient approval, endorsement, certification of approval or permission, as well as registration, and notification services. This was done in hopes of expediting procedures for operators, and the first phase will see the establishment of One Stop Service Center at the Laem Chabang Industrial Estate and in phase 2 another center at the Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate.

Aside from the above, applications are also welcome at the OSS Center at the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand Headquarters located in Bangkok.